COLONY Live is an audience engagement engine allowing audience assisted broadcasting through SMS, e-mail, instant messaging and social media. The platform assists broadcasters to engage with their audience and aggregate user generated content for news, traffic, competitions, polls, dedications, opinion pieces etc using images, text, video and audio.


COLONY Live actively mines each interaction for demographic, psychographic, sentiment & interest information. Using interactions from multiple sources as well as information garnered from public access databases and social media site, COLONY Live starts building a comprehensive profile of each audience member interacting with your organization.


COLONY Live creates personas by grouping users who fit a particular set of predefined profile characteristics into a subsample of the main audience. Through a process called MIMA we then match a persona's user profiles to their online presence allowing for the placement of highly relevant, focused advertising into their everyday online browsing, leading to much higher conversion.

Interact across multiple channels

Channel agnostic message aggregation

The COLONY Live core was designed to send & receive interactions through any channel with an available API. COLONY Live currently supports 7 different interaction channels spanning SMS, e-mail, instant messaging & social media. We regularly add new channels as and when demand becomes known and API's for the channel become available.


Powerful plugins to enagage & build your audience

with advanced features to report, analyze and monetize

Organically build, grow & segment your market into a comprehensive
database, giving you valuable insights into your audience.

Live Dashboard

The Live Dashboard is a real-time, customizable panel style layout to easily segment, search, view and reply to all interactions and campaigns.


Analytics is an interactive to-the-minute reporting plugin that provides detailed feedback on all company & campaign statistics.



COLONY Live creates personas based on a predefined criteria of a marketable audience segment. We match profiles in a persona to the users' digital presence allowing us to place highly effective adverts infront of those users as they browse the internet.


Campaigns is the core engagement plugin allowing users to setup and maintain advanced rules & mechanics to engage and grow their base.


Profiles is where COLONY Live stores all the mined interaction data of each user that has interacted with a particular organisation

About Us

COLONY Live is a software as a service messaging platform created and engineered by a small team of developers and interaction specialists based in South Africa. The platform was conceptualised in mid 2015 and through partnerships with local radio stations soon became the go-to-tool for audience assisted broadcast and analytics. Since the release to market in the fourth quarter of 2016 the uptake of COLONY Live has been phenomenal with 85% of South Africa's commercially owned radio stations currently on the platform. 2017 COLONY Live opened its office in the USA with two networks already on board and many more to follow.


During 2015 the team started conceptualizing the next generation messaging platform that will take audience assisted broadcasting to new levels. COLONY Live started to take shape...


Development Kickoff

After multiple brainstorm sessions, team meetings, backlog creation and prioritization, backlog recreation and re-prioritization the team's vision is ready to kick off in January 2016.


Beta Testing

Early in 2016 select beta testing clients are invited onto the platform. The initial responses from our partner stations were extremely positive. Taking all user input into account the team tweaked and improved the platform ready for release in August 2016.


Commercial Release

August 2016 - The team is elated to announce the release of COLONY Live v1.0. In the short time since the platform release we have taken on board over 85% of all commercially owned radio stations in South Africa and opened an office in the US! 2016

COLONY Live Team

Some of the core members that make COLONY Live a must have part of your organization

Noloyiso Mbonisweni

Our die hard Project Manager spends her time managing the production of required deliverables and assessing client feature requests to be incoporated into the COLONY Live roadmap.

Marco Broccardo

Founder and CEO by day, entrepreneur, adventurer, & philanthropist by night. Marco's leadership & vision allows COLONY Live to maintain it's edge and stay ahead of trends in technology

Jean Moggee

Creator of dreams and builder of realities. Jean's skill as fullstack developer is only rivaled by his intense need to innovate and create world leading technology products

Behind the scenes we have many more superheroes who work tirelessly to help build your brand and audience to the powerhouse it deserves to be.

What our partners say

We partner with each and every customer. Their success is our success

"The Team form Colony Live are absolutely amazing and have been key partners to our station for the past 15 years. Their after hours service and their support is second to none. Their insights and and forward thinking assist in keeping the platform fresh and usable."
Denver Apollus
HeartFM - Cape Town, SA
"Colony Live has been our radio stations' choice for over 10 years. Their system satisfies the needs of presenter and producer by allowing deeper magnification into our campaigns. We will continue to partner with Colony Hq in order to engage, analyse monetise our data.
Jonathan Lumnley
East Coast Radio - Durban, SA
"COLONY Live has revolutionised content creation and audience monetisation for radio. We trust COLONY Live daily to provide us with amazing tools that help us engage, analyze and monetise our listeners in new, exciting and unintrusive ways."
Gareth Cliff
Cliffcentral.com - Digital Radio Platform

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COLONY Live adheres to strict privacy codes pertaining to the collection and distribution of personal information. We do not distribute or sell personal identifiable information.

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